Local and Regional Foods, Khuzestan.

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Local and Regional Foods, Khuzestan
Food habits of Khuzestan people have intermingled with their occupation and type of their job.
Types of Fish: Fried fish, Mahroot, Saboor, Fish Khoresht, Sorkhoo Fish, Masmooteh, Marg Samak, Kooshk Fish, Vegetable Fish, Fish Soup, Prawn, Tandori Fish, Shoor Fish, and Kookoo.
Types of Polow: Prawn Polow, Kalam Polow, Behbahan Polow and Tah Chin.
Types of Kabab:Zard Kabab and Kabab Shireh.
The Province of Khuzestan has a wide array of local delicacies such as Aash Dowa, Kaleh Pacheh, Koofteh Berenji, Panirak, Baqala, Sa’din, Hamis Tooleh, Samosa, Siloon Va Ardeh, Toochiri, Hashow, Doroshteh, Sholeh Ardeh, Maccaroni with carrot, Qolqol, Meat Roles, Chalpateh, Mahbooseh, Meat bread, Dandro, Hariseh, Omlet, Khoresht Bamiyeh, Khoresht Shalqam, Nesha’, She’riyeh, Ma’saleh Date, a variety of curries, local bread and pickles.

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