Local Music and Dances, East Azarbaijan

East Azarbaijan
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From ancient times the music of East Azarbaijan owed its fame to the presence of the ‘Ashiqs’ who were self made artisans contributed to the local music by composing lyrics and displaying their ability on the musical instruments in use. They performed in various ceremonies thereby securing an income too. Beside this special form of music other tunes are also played by different performs, being the music played throughout the other parts of Iran.
Music in Azarbaijan has been influenced by classical western and Russian music. The dances of Azarbaijan have from the very beginning intermingled with their life style, that is the folklore native mythology. The most famous of these traditional dances are: Lesgie, Chooban, Zoorkhaneh, Finjan-Finjan, Koosagelin, Vasf-e-Hal, Minjeq-Salma, Dolma-Dolma, Alma-Atmaq to name a few.

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