Mah Shahr, Khuzestan.

Mah Shahr, Khuzestan.
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Mah Shahr
The township of Mah Shahr lies at a distance of 1,025 km. from Tehran, and is located to the south of the province and along the coast of the Persian Gulf. It was formerly called “Bandar-e-Ma’shoor”, and even long before that it was known as “Mahruyan” and “Machuleh”. In the year 1965, its name was changed to “Bandar-e-Mah Shahr”. The said had been one of the most important ports for export of oil from Iran, before Kharq was facilitated.
ToDay Mah Shahr is the focal point for export of gas and refinery products in Abadan. Most of the citizens of Mah Shahr mainly have been dwelled in the old sector of city which is located at a distance of 3 km. from the new site.

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