Malek National Museum

Malek National Museum , tehran
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Malek National Museum

Originally built as the private residence of Haj Aqa Malek, a famous merchant from Mashhad, its construction dates back to the late Qajar period. Affiliated to the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza, its articles on exhibition (precious coins, paintings, rugs, etc) are housed in a one-story building consisting of two sections: the andaruni (interior) and the biruni (exterior). In the middle of the central courtyard, a beautiful fountain can be admired. In a very near future the museum will be moved to a new building next to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and attached to the eastern wing of the Museum of Treasures of Islamic Period.

Visiting hours: 08:30 a.m.-17:00 p.m., everyday.

Address: Panzdah-e Khordad Ave, Bein ol-Haramein Bazaar. Tel: 520492.

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