Mellat Palace-Museum

Mellat Palace-Museum , tehran
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Mellat Palace-Museum

What is now called the Mellat (Nation?s) Palace Museum was previously known as the White Palace. It was built by Reza Shah to be used as his Imperial Court. But finding it majestic indeed, he preferred to make it his residence. Later it was used as both his and his son?s Ceremonial Palace.

The Palace was transformed into a museum in 1982. Objects on display consist of precious carpets, furniture, weaponry, etc. The two stone boots outside are all that remains of a giant statue of Reza Shah Pahlavi. Upstairs in the Ceremonial Dining Room, the 145 sq. m carpet, a copy of a famous rug from the shrine of Sheikh Safi od-Din in Ardabil, is said to be one of the largest ever made in Iran, but it is not as large as the monster weaving downstairs in the Ceremonial Hall, which measures an incredible 243 sq. m.

Visiting hours: 8:00-18:00 everyday. Address: Tajrish Square, Sa?d Abad. Tel: 2282077.

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