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The township of Naein with 35,000 sq.m. area, is located at 130 km. distance to the east of Esfahan and 320 km. to the south east of Tehran. It is neighboring the central plateau of Iran. The climate of this township in “Khor” and “Biyabanak” regions is hot and dry, where as in “Anarak” and south west regions, it experiences a moderate warm climate. This township has many famous villages and wells. For example “Khor” village is the birth place of “Yaqmayeh Jandaqi”, the reputed poet of 13th century A.H. (Qajar era). This historical city has old antiquity and is a relic of pre-Islamic era. In geography books belonging to the 1st Islamic century, e.g., “Hodudol Alam” (372 A.H.) there are some notes revealing the name with some characteristics and features of this city. The most important historical relic of Na’in is “Narenj” or “Narin” castle. The native architecture as well as the way of living of this desert community is very interesting and astonishing.

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