Nahavand, Hamadan.

Nahavand, Hamadan.
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Nahavand is one of the southern townships of Hamedan Province, with a temperate mountainous climate and heavy rainfall during the spring. The city of Nahavand lies 152 km. south of Hamedan, and about 460 km. from Tehran. Studies and archeological researches conducted by Prof. Grishman in the ‘Geyan Hill’, reveals that approximately 3,700 years B.C. the inhabitants of this region had a similar civilization to that of Mesopotamia. But this civilization crumbled due to the presence of Asians and Europeans.
At the time of the invasion of Alexander to Iran, during the Achaemenian period, Nahavand was destroyed, though not much is known of this period. The Seleucidians also attacked this city and remained there for some time. In the Sassanid period however, Nahavand held a strategic position. During the Arab invasion, the Iranian soldiers were forced to surrender. Naseredin Shah (Qajar dynasty, visited Nahavand, and ordered the castle of the city, which was an important historical monument, to be completely destroyed. The township of Nahavand is one of the ancient seats of civilization in Iran.

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