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The city of Nayshabur lies in a level plain and is 768 km. from Tehran. The Binalood heights are to the north, and other heights run northwest of the city. The railroad of Tehran – Mashad passes through Nayshabur. In the year 31 AH, it was seized by the Ottomans (Osmani) and during the Islamic era held its own as one of the four important cities in the province. The city was so vast that it was called Omol-Belad (mother of cities).
In the Islamic period, this city was of such importance that on their minted coins the names of the Omavi Caliphate could be noted. During the reign of the Qaznavian and Saljuqian, Nayshabur was one of the most important cities of Khorassan. In the year (618 AH) Nayshabur was destroyed during the Mongol attack and it was close to Mongol reign that Nayshabur was annexed to the territory of the Sarbedaran rulers. This city has played an important role in attributing to the fields of Iranian art, civilization and philosophy. Moreover this city had a position in the path or route of the Silk Road besides many historical sites.

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