Niavaran Palace Museum

Niavaran Palace, Tehran
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Niavaran and Saheb Qaranieh Palace-Museum

Of greater architectural interest is the summer palace complex of the Qajars known as Saheb Qaranieh (Lord of the Centuries) at Niavaran. This was built by Nasser ad-Din Shah and, as compared with Golestan Palace, shows considerable advance in design and the influence of European, notably Russian, taste. It is a relatively low building somewhat rococo in style; its white colonnaded porticoes give it a Colonial air, yet have the quality of stage scenery. It resembles many private residences of great charm and distinction built in and around Tehran in the middle or third quarter of the nineteenth century, many of which are now, alas, threaten with demolition.

The garden of the Palace at Niavaran is sheer delight. In the extensive grounds are a number of smaller pavilions where Nasser ad-Din Shah kept his harem. This Palace-Museum has a Korsi Khaneh and Howz Khaneh, and all its rooms and halls are decorated with miniature paintings and precious objects.

During the Pahlavi period, several new structures, including a school and the Niavaran Palace were added to the complex by the last Shah.

Address: Niavaran, east of Tajrish Square, next to Niavaran Park, Tel: 2287045.

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