Nooshijan Castle (Atashkadeh Fort), Malayer, Hamadan.

Nooshijan Castle (Atashkadeh Fort), Malayer, Hamadan.
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Nooshijan Castle (Atashkadeh Fort), Malayer
This castle lies 20 km. west of Malayer, in the district of Shurkat. In this region three cycles of civilizations have been distinct; the first of which being in the second half of the 8th to the beginning of 6th century B.C. and related to the Medes. The architectural relics in this connection are, the fire-temple or (Atashkadeh) on the western side of the hill, the pillared hall or ‘Apadana’, the main hall or temple used for worship, chambers, store-rooms, tunnel and ramparts of the castle. The civilizations which came afterwards, that is the second and third cycles, have not been clarified.

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