Other Archaeological Regions, Gilan

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Other Archaeological Regions, Gilan

Other such sites in Gilan Province are : Rostam Abad, comprising of archaic cemeteries; the archaeological sites of Haleemjan and Shahran Villages, comprising of Shahpeer, Lameh Rafeen, Rak and Lat; Daylaman consisting of Qaleh Kuti, Koohpas and Hassan Mahaleh which have a long past history; Amarloo consisting of Asiabar, Damesh, Kherschak, Karafschal etc. Besides which are Gardkool, Patape Goor at a distance of 12 km. from Tonekabon (Roodbar), related to the first millennium B.C; the Imam Vasman archaeological site comprising of Boneh Zamin, Chakrud, Siyah Kooh, Imam, Semam and Kojid.

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