Other Caravansaries, Esfahan

Other Caravansaries, Esfahan
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Other Caravansaries, Esfahan

These are named as, Sheikh Ali Khan, Jarchi Bashi, Teemcheh-e-Jahangir, Saray-e-Sefid, Mirza Kuchak, Mir Ismail and Khansariha in the bazaar of Esfahan. Maranjab, Amin-ud-Douleh, Gomrok, Mooteh and Gabr Abad in Kashan. Bazaar-e-Zavareh in Zavareh, Behjat Abad on the Esfahan – Natanz Road, Chahar Borj on the Esfahan – Kashan Road, the Gez caravansary north of Esfahan, Bahram on the Esfahan – Tehran Road, Madar-e-Shah in the north of Esfahan, Taqi

Abad, Golgoon Abad, Yagmeesh and Khargoosh on the Esfahan Road, and Dambi caravansary amongst others in Esfahan Province.

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