Other Caravansaries, Qom

Other Caravansaries, Qom
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Other Caravansaries, Qom

These are as follows: The Kenar Gerd Caravansary on Tehran – Qom Road, and related to the Safavid era. Dehkadeh Talab Caravansary on Qom – Arak Road, related to the Saljuqi and Safavid periods. The Sefid Ab Caravansary located to the east of the Salt Lake, related to the Safavid and Qajar periods. Baqer Abad Caravansary on Qom – Tehran Road, and of the Qajar era. The Pol-e-Dalak Caravansary on the Qom – Tehran Road, related to the Qajar period.

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