Other Mausoleums and Imamzadehs, Khuzestan

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Other Mausoleums and Imamzadehs, Khuzestan
Other ancient Imamzadehs in the province are, Imamzadeh Abazar in Behbahan, Imamzadeh Seyed Hassan in Shooshtar, Imam Reza Deymi Mausoleum in Shooshtar, Abu Danial Mausoleum in Dezful, Peer Ishaq Masuloeum in Haft Tappeh of Dezful, Peer Roban Mausoleum in Dezful, Seyed Mohammad Giahkhar, Seyed Mohammad Mahro and Shah Abol Hassan/Shah Mard Mausoleums in Shooshtar, Shah Abol Qasem Mausoleum in Masjed Soleiman, Abbas Ali/Abbas Azim Mausoleum in Dezful, Baba Zeid Gilani Mausoleum in Masjed Soleiman, Imamzadeh Shahsavar Ibrahim in Eazeh, Imamzadehs Aqa Barakat and Anbar and Sa’dat Lali in Masjed Soleiman, Seyed Hassan Zahidan Mausoleum in Ramhormoz and Peer Shoja’ Mausoleum in Shoosh, etc.

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