Other Old Mosques, Qom

Other Old Mosques, Qom
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Other Old Mosques, Qom

These are as follows: The Imam Hassan Mojtaba (A.S.) Mosque on the Tehran – Qom Road; Takiyeh Aqa Seyed Hassan in Ayatollah Taleqani Avenue; Takiyeh-ye-Yazdiha in bazaar; Maidan-e-Kohneh Mosque in the Old Square (Maidan-e-Kohneh-e- Qom); Hosseinieh-ye-Shohada in Shohada Avenue; Hosseiniyeh-ye-Najafiha in Enqelab Avenue; Hosseinieh-ye-Ayatollah Najafi in Shahid Montazari Avenue; Takiyeh Seyedan in Enqelab Avenue.

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