Other Old Public Baths, Ardabil

Other Old Public Baths, Ardabil
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Other Old Public Baths, Ardabil
Other old public baths in Ardabil have conserved their unique traditional architecture more or less. Sometimes they are ornamented with paintings and other innovations. Some of these public baths are worth visiting as they represent veritable historical attractions. They are named as: Molla Hadi Bath in Molla Hadi Alley (Ardabil); Safavieh Bath in Nayebi Street (Ardabil); Ebrahim Abad Bath in Ebrahim Abad Alley; Zeinal and Mansoorieh Baths in Ali Qapoo; Ya’qoobieh Bath in Ouchdakan locality; Vakil Bath in Imam Khomeini Avenue; Yasavol bath in Ounchi Meydan; Zendan Bath in Zendan Alley; Aqanqi and Mirza Iman baths which are similar to the Haj Sheikh Bath.

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