Other Springs, East Azarbaijan

East Azarbaijan
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Other Springs, East Azarbaijan

Various other springs in the province of East Azarbaijan are as follows: the hot springs of Allah Haqi, Asb Forooshan, Jeldeh Bakhan, Shekar Darreh, Shalqoon, and Biyuk Soo in Sarab, as well as Goshayesh, Shor Soo, Sari Soo, and Chahar Baq springs in Maragheh, and also Soofian mineral spring (4 km. from Soofian towards Marand), Aski Kand Spring in Bostan Abad, Gooy Doraq and Garah Aqajh in Hashtrood, Isti Soo in Mianeh, the hot springs of Liqvan and Kalvanaq in Tabriz, Yel Sooie in the village of Kaleen (Ahar), and Abegarm in Bostan Abad.

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