Other Springs, Fars

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Other Springs, Fars
Other springs of the province which are mostly used as recreational areas are: The Chaou and Mohammad Rasool-Allah Spring in Eqleed; Sassan Spring in Kazeroon, Aboulmahdi Spring in Marvdasht, Rechi Spring in Shiraz, Bonab Qader Abad Spring in Marvdasht; Atashkadeh and Hanifaqan Springs in Firooz Abad, Tangab Spring in Shiraz – Firooz Abad Road; Osra Spring in Marzban Village; Baramhir, Task and Kanzard Springs in the Doshman Ziari region; Boraq, Sarab Siah, Ganjineh and Mordegan Springs in the Rostam Chashmeh region in Angir Village; Sarab Shir Spring in north Chenar Shahijan; Sarg Chineh Spring in the summer residing area with the same name; and Mill-e-Ejdeha Spring in the Bakesh region.

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