Park-e Ferdowsi

Park-e Ferdowsi , tehran
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Park-e Ferdowsi

Located in Niavaran district, at the foot of Kolak Chal mountain, the Ferdowsi Park is the highest park of Tehran and occupies an area of about 120,000 sq. m. It was called Park-e Jamshidieh until early March 1997.

Natural environment, fresh air, beautiful ponds and old trees are among its unique features. In designing the park?s landscape, all efforts were made to keep the scenic, natural environment untouched. To this end extensive use has been made of various mountain rocks. In fact this is the first rock garden in Iran.

The park owes it beauty mainly to its 15,900 trees, mostly acacia. The oldest ones are elm, ash and plane trees. In the colorful flower garden area of the park one can see various species of roses, Japanese quinces, violets, marguerites, petunias, and many others. A large artificial lake and its adjoining waterfalls are among the principal features of this beautiful park.

Plans for the westward expansion of the park including, among other things, 14 House of Culture to introduce the national and tribal diversities of Iranian architecture, music and handicrafts, together with a special museum for mountaineers have already been completed and the park is serving the people as a real cultural-recreational complex. There is a nice restaurant with delicious local and foreign foods, which gives you a panorama of Tehran, particularly at early evening hours and when the weather is not polluted.

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