Park-e Mellat

Park-e Mellat , tehran
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Park-e Mellat

Located to the north of Vanak Square along Vali Asr Avenue, north Tehran, the Mellat Park with an area of 341,770 sq. m, was originally designed as an English park and constructed during the 1968-75 period.

The park, with its tall and old trees, lovely flower gardens, vast lawn areas, beautiful hills and a glimmering lake provides a relaxing atmosphere which attracts large crowds of all walks of life every day, who take advantage of its sports facilities, health path and other available services. The park?s flower gardens consist of various roses, chrysanthemums, geraniums, violets, marigolds, primroses, and many others. Trees, in a nicely arranged order, are planted in five locations in the park. These are in full harmony with the natural surroundings and include acacia, elm, plane, cypress, and other trees.

The lake with its rental boats, a small and well-kept zoo, and various playgrounds have all made this park a popular visiting place for children as well. Not only they can spend their time playing, but also may enjoy seeing the cascading waterfalls, nice statutes and using the small library.

Similar to many other parks, a number of busts of famous Iranian scholars, writers, and poets by modern sculptors can be seen on both sides of the park?s wide stairway.

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