Park-E Shatranj

Park-E Shatranj, Tehran
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Park-E Shatranj

Located in Ajudanieh Street, Darabad Street, north Tehran, it was built in 1991 and covers an area of 3,500-sq. m. Literally, the name Park-e Shatranj means the Chess Park. On entering the park, one will see: old trees castle-like halls, pathways paved with black and white stone tiles, and an attractive clock.

The sight of this beautiful and magnetic collection of elements gives the impression of entering a large chessboard. Along the main pathways, on parts paved with black and white stone tiles, you can see chess pieces. In addition to their decorative aspects, a game of chess may be played with them.

The ponds with water fountains and colorful lights add to the attractions of the park. The bottoms of these ponds are paved with black and white stone tiles, suggestive of a chessboard. Thirty special benches in yellow are placed on the main pathways of the park, which can be used for playing chess. Between the benches, a chessboard is fixed so that the chess players can play outdoors.

Two separate halls for men and women interested in chess playing are built in this park with eight tables in each hall. These halls are the most interesting and spectacular parts of the park. They look like castles in chess pieces with wooden staircases that lead to the roof.

Tall and pretty oriental plane trees, pines, and elm trees sprout from the heart of stones, serving as the symbols of the dominance of trees in the nature around them. The park has a colorful flower cover with various species of roses, geraniums, etc, which make the park especially eye-catching.

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