Paveh (Oramanat)

Paveh (Oramanat)
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Paveh (Oramanat)
Paveh is located in the Oramanat Mountainous region and to the extreme northwest of the province. From the west it is limited to Iraq. Paveh has cold winters and temperate summers. The small mountainous city of Paveh is to the northwest of Kermanshah and located at a distance of 636 km. from Tehran. The name of Paveh is attributed to Paveh, one of the commanders of Yazdgerd III, who in order to seek the Kurd support settled in this region and was extremely respected by the people of this territory.
The Dej and Pasgah forts which have remained since then are the relics of that era. The word Oramanat is derived from the word Uortan or Uorman and related to sacred Zoroastrian anthems.

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