Persian Engraving

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Persian Engraving

Engraving is defined as the art of carving delicate designs on metal; and in our country this art has always been done in the Iranian method and its designs have also been traditional ones.
Engraving is done on different metals such as copper, brass, silver, gold and also some alloys. To engrave, first the back side of the work is covered by tar so that during engraving it prevents the work from getting wavy as a result of hammering and the pressure of the chisel and from causing a lot of noise. Then the chosen design is transferred on the work and by a tool called “Nimbor” the main lines are engraved, afterwards different patterns are being cut by the use of different sorts of chisels on the surface of the work. Sometimes if necessary or according to his taste and interest the artisan proceeds to reticulate, stone-set, gold block and silver block the product, in short, the beauty and delicacy of the final work completely depends on the creativity of the mind and proficiency of the artist of this field.

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