Polvar Mountain, Kerman

Polvar Mountain, Kerman
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Polvar Mountain, Kerman
The mountainous region of Polvar stretches out to a length of 147 km. from the northwest towards the southeast, and extends over an area of 1,450 km. The highest peak of this region is the Polvar peak, reaching a height of 4,233 m. The important mountains of this vicinity in a north south direction are named as, Teeqeh Siyah, Tal Zard, Tal Shovard, Dinar, Mian Kooh, Siyah Kooh, Gurak, Dah Mani Rooz, Khar KhosRow, Gudar Chah, etc. The main rivers that flow in the east of this mountainous region and flow into the Loot Desert, from a north-south direction are, Shirin Rood, Harjand, Dehan Qar, Kharshagi, Shahdad, Darsakht, Jaftan, Khoftan, etc. Rivers flowing towards the west are the following, Chat Rood, Ab-e-Hossein Abad and Rood-e-Sefid.

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