Protected Wildlife Zones, Gilan

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Protected Wildlife Zones, Gilan
Gilan’s environment is one of the most beautiful regions of Iran. It is also the habitat for rare species of flora and fauna. Millions of waterfowls are annually attracted to Gilan Province because of suitable climate, water resources, abundant lakes and Wetlands of Anzali and Amir Kelayeh. These birds are prey bird, flamingo, waders, pelican, partridge, turtledove, ringdove, grouse, vulture owl, dull yellow partridge, spoon bill, kingfisher, pigeon, heron, goose, crane, duck, eagle, starling etc.
The Caspian Sea plays a considerable role in the economic fishing standards, ensuring the livelihood of the inhabitants besides sports and recreation. The most important species of fish in this region are: sturgeon, whitefish, salmon, cyprinid, percidae, (zander), anchovy, pike trout etc.
Other species in this Wildlife zone are: wild boar, snake, tortoise, squirrel, frog, rabbit, rat, bat, wild cat etc.
The protected areas of the province are Selka (336 hectares), Nawasalem (6,000 hectares) in Talesh, Steel wetland (140 hectares) in Astara, Alalan (80 hectares) in Bandar Anzali, Siakashm (3,515 hectares)in Bandar Anzali, Lesar (32,950 hectares) in Talesh, Lavandvil (949 hectares) in Astara and the protected area of Amir Kelayeh (1,230 hectares) in Lahijan.

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