Protected Wildlife Zones, Khuzestan.

Protected Wildlife Zones, Khuzestan
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Protected Wildlife Zones, Khuzestan
Besides the natural relief like the snow capped mountains to the north and east, and the warm low-lying plains, the banks of the lakes, wetlands and the beautiful coastal area of the Persian Gulf, have all contributed for creation of wildlife habitat. Karkheh has been recognized as one of the four natural areas in the country which is of great value regarding the environmental protection basis.
The wildlife area of Karkheh extends from the Sorkheh Village, located to the south of Andimeshk – Dehloran Road, up to the Khalaf Village, placed to the north of Hamidiyeh and Ahvaz. It is accounted as one of the most important natural wild life habitat, and the famous species of this region is the Iranian reign deer or yellow deer (Iranian follow deer). The Karkheh wild life habitat covers an area of 13,000 hectares.
The animal species of Khuzestan Province specially those found in wild life habitat of Karkheh are named as follows: geese, heron, duck, francolin, bustard, dull yellow partridge, partridge, turtle dove, starling, raven, leopard, deer, boar, rat, squirrel, porcupine, wild goat, wild sheep etc. which are unique in their combination with environment and nature.

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