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Enjoying a moderate and humid climate, the township of Roodsar is located in a verdant plain 326 km. from Tehran and to the south of the Caspian Sea. According to valid historical documents, the ancient name of Roodsar was “Koutum”, which was a small city in Rankooh. The other name of Roodsar was “Hoosem” that had a thriving bazaar and big mosque in the year 375 A.H. Later on this city was ruined due to unknown reasons, and was reconstructed by Seyed Reza Kiya during the years 789-829 A.H.
This personality was the governor of Lahijan who changed the name of this city from Hoosem to Roodsar in the 8th century A.H. The contemporary history of this city coincides with the establishment of the Pahlavi dynasty. This beautiful city attracts many tourists.

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