Saeb-e-Tabrizy Tomb, Esfahan

Saeb-e-Tabrizy Tomb, Esfahan
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Saeb-e-Tabrizy Tomb, Esfahan
This reputed poet was laid to rest in a vicinity known as Baq-e-Takiyeh. This site has taken inspiration from the architecture of the Safavid period. The same resembles a porch with a length of 14.20 m. its width and height being 6 and 8 m. respectively, and is at an elevation of about 2 m. from ground level, with ten steps surrounding it. The ceiling is designed with mirror work, and there are two entrances to the eastern and western sides of the porch, besides pillars and arches. The tombstone is in one piece of marble, and the old tomb stone is placed in the center of the grave. One of the poetical verses of this great poet has been inscribed on his tomb. Opposite this porch is a pool similar to that of the Chehel Sotune edifice.

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