Sar Ein Mineral Springs, Ardabil

Sar Ein Mineral Springs, Ardabil
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Sar Ein Mineral Springs, Ardabil
Sar Ein
Located 28 km. away from the city of Ardabil, this complex of various thermal springs can be used by reaching the small town of Sar Ein at the foot of the Sabalan Mountains. Sar Ein is easily accessible through Ardabil airport and a good quality paved road. Equipped with modern facilities and newly built hotels, Sar Ein is one of the most visited sites by domestic tourists especially aware of the therapeutic virtues of these springs rich in different minerals.

The most important springs of this area are: Qarah Soo Thermal Spring, Sari Soo Thermal Spring, Gavmish Goly Thermal Spring, General Thermal Spring, Bilehdareh Spring, Gol Ali Spring, and Asad Spring..

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