Sassanid Palace (Khosravi Edifice), Qasr Shirin

Qasre Shirin
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Sassanid Palace (Khosravi Edifice), Qasr Shirin
The ruins of a few Sassanid palaces and other relics which indicate the expansion of such Sassanid structures are remains in Qasr Shirin. The aggregate of relics of such edifices, are currently reputedly known as the Khosravi edifice. Its construction goes back to Khosrow Parviz Sassanid era. This majestic palace has been built on a high platform and comprises of a three dimensional porch, with a large rectangular hall behind it. The palace aggregate is 370 m. in length and 190 m. in width and is located in an enclosed area which is currently in a state of ruins but expresses the grandeur of its past.

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