Serkan Valley, Towiserkan, Hamadan.

Serkan Valley, Towiserkan, Hamadan.
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Serkan Valley, Towiserkan, Hamadan.
No doubt the vast plains enhanced with natural beauty, are considered to be of important attractive tourist sites. To the north east of Hamedan are the plains of Kurijan and Razan extending till Avaj. Most of these plains are under cultivation of wheat and grain, thereby being a pleasant sight during the spring and summer seasons.
This region at an average is 1,800 m. above sea-level. In the vicinity of Aabsheeneh and Sang Sefid of Hamedan are vineyards and nurseries for raising trees. The north west plains of Hamedan (Bahar) due to suitable vegetation, provide recreational areas. The city of Malayer is situated on a high plain, surrounded by orchards. The vast and fertile plains of Asad Abad stretch out towards Nahavand and Kangavar. In the vicinity of Nahavand vast plains extend towards the Gamasiyab River which is an excellent leisure spot!

Serkan Valley, Towiserkan
This valley which is about 1,000 hectares has walnut, apple and mulberry orchards in it. One of the prominent features of this valley is its archaic trees. The Serkan River also flows through this vicinity.

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