Shah Firooz Tomb, Sirjan

Shah Firooz Tomb, Sirjan
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Shah Firooz Tomb, Sirjan
The same is located within a distance of 5 km. south east of the Qal’eh Sangi of Sirjan. This structure is octagonal and has a dome with a spectacular arched design. In the midst of the structure is a tomb 2.5 m. in length, 63 cm. in width and to the height of 40 cm. People believe that this is the resting abode of Abu Kalijar-ebne-Azidodowleh or his offspring, who on eating meat after a hunt, passed away and was buried in this vicinity. There is a strong possibility that this relic is of Eilkhani period (8th and 9th century A.H.). The same has been under repair in the recent years.

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