Shah Qasem Anvar Tomb

Torbat Jaam
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Shah Qasem Anvar Tomb

Seyed Moinodin Ali Ben Nasir Haroon Abol Qasem Hosseini Sarabi Tabrizy was of one of the great mystics in the 8th and 9th century AH. This tomb was erected by Amir Ali Sheer Navabi and is near the village of Langar 24 km. northwest of Torbat Jaam. This structure is rectangular (24.80 m. in length and 20.60 m. in breadth) and has two porticos, one facing southwest and the other north east. There is another grave here belonging to Shah Qasem’s son. It can be noted that this site could be an area where their followers gathered.
The main portico is about 10 m. long and 6.70 m. in breadth, the height of which is 10 m. In the southern portico, a very interesting inscription can be seen dating back to the year 1046 AH which is a decree declaring a discount in taxes for seven groups of the inhabitants residing in Torbat Jaam.

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