Shahbazian Old House, Hamedan

Shahbazian Old House, Hamedan
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Shahbazian Old House, Hamedan
This ancient house is located in the Bu Ali Sina Avenue of Hamedan, and is a relic from Qajar era. This structure is rectangular in shape and in two floors including the basement. The structure comprises of two segments such as the exterior quarters or ‘birooni’ and the interior quarters or ‘andarooni’. (The latter traditionally was used to be the women’s section). The facade of the structure is decorated in floral design with plaster, together with intricate brick works. The name of Imam Ali (P.B.U.H.) has been constantly repeated in the architecture. Plaster has been used to decorate columns and shelves. Glazed brick in black color have been used for the decorative arches of the ceiling, and the windows of the structure are fitted with colored glass.

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