Shahreza (Qomsheh)

Shahreza (Qomsheh)
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Shahreza (Qomsheh)
This township is located in the southwest of the province, to the north of which are Esfahan and Lanjan and to the west is within the limits of the Province of Chahar Mahal va Bakhtiyari. To its south is the township of Semirom and in the eastern direction is the township of Esfahan. This ancient city was primarily known as Qomsheh, but due to the presence of the tomb of Imamzadeh Shahreza (AS) it came to be called by the latter. One of the noted and historical sites dating to the Saljuqi era, is the nocturnal area of the Jame’ Mosque of this city. Qomsheh means a hunting ground or an area rich in water and with many such subterranean canals.

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