Shiraz’s Vakil Bazaar

Shiraz's Vakil Bazaar
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Shiraz’s Vakil Bazaar
Vakil Bazaar is a monumental structure set up by the founder of the Zand dynasty , Karim Khan (1747-79 AD). The cornerstone of the site is laid by a number of huge rocks , surrounded by four bazaars , and constructed by brick and gypsum.
The bazaars meet at a cross point , which has a high dome-shaped ceiling. Some archaeologists believe Karim Khan himself designed the bazaar , without imitating any foreign model , pioneering a unique pattern for other Iranian marketplaces.
Others argue however the Vakil bazaar is a spin-off of the great emporium of Larestan , built at the helm of Safavid King , Shah Abbas I’s rule. Ruins of the Larestan bazaar still remain in place

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