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Shirvan is 773 km. from Tehran. In its northern parts Shirvan experiences cold weather being a mountainous region. But the southern part enjoys a temperate climate due to the flow of Atrak River here. Existence of ancient burial sites or graves of the Zoroastrians prove that this place was inhabited before the Islamic era and it was in the year 31 AH that the inhabitants embraced Islam during the Caliphate of Osman.
Though Shirvan flourished during the Kharazm Shahian reign it was heavily damaged under the attacks of the Goorkanians. In order to prevent the Ozbak attacks, Kurd tribes were moved to this area during the reign of Shah Abbas I. During the Qajar period, this place was a focal point for local clashes. But in recent years the city of Shirvan has been reconstructed according to modern styles of architecture.

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