Shoosh Hills (Shahr-e-Shahi), Shoosh, Khuzestan

Shoosh Hills (Shahr-e-Shahi), Shoosh, Khuzestan
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The eastern vicinity of the Shoosh hillocks is known as Shahr-e-Shahi. Numerous relics have been discovered here, relative to the Elamit, Achaemenian, Parthian, and Sassanid periods. Besides which the remnants of roads, passages and dwellings have also been discovered here. The discovered relics, instruments, tools and skulls reveals that the native inhabitants of this territory before migration of the Aryans had been scattered and dwelled in southern and central territories of Iran and established the Elamit rules and governments.
The method of constructions, burial of dead bodies, placing a stove in the center of room, etc., are examples of general life-style and other rituals of these people.

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