Shooshtar Jame’ Mosque, Shooshtar, Khuzestan.

Shooshtar Jame' Mosque, Shooshtar, Khuzestan.
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Shooshtar Jame’ Mosque, Shooshtar
This mosque is located in west of Shooshtar, and is a remnant of the early Islamic period. It was constructed by one of the Abbassid caliphates. The same was repaired during the Safavid era. The current structure of the mosque comprises of a large nocturnal area (shabestan), a vast court-yard and minarets to the east. The nocturnal area has pillars and is covered with a domed ceiling. In the middle of southern side of the nocturnal area is an adytum with plaster works of Safavid style. On the other side inscriptions and plaster engravings along with decrees of royalty can also be noted.
On the external doorway to this area, which is adorned with arches and decorative brick works there are two inscriptions on stone with sacred versus of the Holy Qoran. In the eastern side of the mosque is a remnant of a beautiful minaret dating back to the 8th century A.H., which is intricately worked and inscribed with sacred versus of “Allah”, “Mohammad”, “Ali”. This minaret has been repaired recently, and is registered on records.

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