Shooshtar, Khuzestan.

Shooshtar, Khuzestan.
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The township of Shooshtar is located at a distance of 831 km. from Tehran and has cold winters, but is warm for the rest of the year. Shooshtar lies to the north of Ahvaz. According to the Iranian mythology, the founder of this city is supposed to be Hushang Pishdadi. The conquest of Shooshtar by the Muslims took place in the Omar caliphate period. Shooshtar at the times of Bani Omayeh, was in hands of “Khavarej” (those who had turned against religion).
In the year 820 A.H., Amir Teimoor conquered this area and thereafter it became the center of the Shiite sect. In 1165-1167 A.H. Nader Shah continuously attacked this vicinity and in these battles many were killed. During the reign of Fathali Shah Qajar, the cities of Shooshtar, Dezful and Hoveyzeh, became a part of the Kermanshah Province. In the reign of Mozzafar-edin-Shah, segregation among the two groups of “Heydari” and “Ne’mati” increased to its highest level, and Khaz’al Khan encouraged the Arabs to assault Shooshtar. In Pahlavi era, after repeated unrest, the region ultimately gained peace, and toDay is considered to be one of the important cities of Khuzestan Province.

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