Soltani Mosque (Jame’ Mosque), Asad Abad, Hamadan.

Soltani Mosque (Jame' Mosque), Asad Abad, Hamadan.
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Soltani Mosque (Jame’ Mosque), Asad Abad
This mosque is situated in the vicinity of the ‘bazaar’ of Asad Abad. The mosque is rectangular in shape. On the wall of the corridor at its entrance is a tomb-stone of cream colored marble with the Kufic script on it. Besides which are five other inscriptions on stone with the following particulars –
The decree of Shah Tahmasb Safavid I (930-984) and dating to the year 972 A.H. The same was in relation to tax exemptions or a discount in taxes imposed on owners of four- legged beasts and only those of the Shiite sect came under this order.
The decree of Shah Abbas Safavid I (996-1038) and dating to the year 1026 A.H. also related to a discount in taxes. The decree of Shah Safi (1038-1052) and dating to the year 1046 A.H. in connection with the tax and government tax exemptions of various communities such as the ‘Kavlolian’, ‘Oranloo’ and the ‘Indians’ (reputedly known as ‘Khatiran’).
These communities had settled in the vicinities of Nahavand, Asad Abad, Harsin, Deynoor, Bilavar, Sonqor, Gurab and Malayer. An inscription related to the repairs of this mosque under the orders of Shah Soleiman Safavid (1077-1105), under the supervision of Haji Ali Khan Zanganeh, Aslan Aqa, and an architect by the name of Mohammad Taheri Hamedani. These repairs took place in the year 1097 A.H.

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