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The township of Sonqor is located in the northeast of Kermanshah and has a mountainous and temperate climate. The same is at a distance of 612 km. from Tehran. The word Sonqor means a hunting bird. In the Saljuqi period the commanders of Sonqor were known as Aqa Sonqor. During the reign of Shah Esmail Safavieh II, Sonqor was under the rule of ‘Soulaq Hossain Taklou’. During the reign of Shah Tahmasb I, a rule of Sonqor and Kalhor was established in this territory and was given to the Zangeneh tribal chiefs. In the Afshariyeh and Zandieh reigns the rule of Sonqor was given to the chiefs of the Kalyaie tribes and then after ‘Khosow Khan Ardalan’, governor of Kurdestan was appointed as ruler of this city.
During the rule of Fathali Shah Qajar, his son Fathollah Mirza was appointed as a governor of Sonqor. This area was then merged with Kangavar, Malayer and Towiserkan and brought under the rule of Sheikhali Mirza, the son of Fathali Shah.
At present Sonqor and Koliaee are attractive and beautiful regions of Kermanshah which are placed in a level and beautiful plain alongside a river, with beautiful gardens and groves surrounding it, thereby increasing its values regarding tourism.

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