Tabriz Bazaar

Tabriz Bazaar
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Tabriz Bazaar
Tourists have described Tabriz as a city with beautiful bazaars. Tabriz’ s bazaar is comparably one of the greatest and most beautiful bazaars of Iran , characterized by its unique architectural style , numerous arcades , shops and magnificent mosques.
Tabriz’ s bazaar is as old as the city itself. As Tabriz was located en route the trade caravans arriving from the east and west , its bazaar was the focal point for the exchange of Asian and European goods.
With the expansion of Tabriz , its bazaar has grown so beautifully that it won the plaudit of many visiting foreign tourists. Moroccan tourist Ebn Battue , who visited Tabriz in the early years of the 14th century AD , praised the Tabriz bazaar as a developed market filled with goods , and one of the best in the world.
“… Upon arrival in Tabriz , we approached a great bazaar named Qazan. It was the best bazaar I had ever seen in the world… Each of the guilds and professions had a special corner in the bazaar ,” he wrote in his travelogue.
The famous bazaars of the Tabriz emporium were Amir bazaar , the shoemakers’ bazaar , foreign exchange bazaar , Raste bazaar , Naminiduz bazaar , weavers’ bazaar , cotton-carders’ bazaar , Qezbas bazaar. and saddlers’ bazaar.

The arcades were often the centers of wholesale business deals and distributions. The most important of which Hajj rasoul arcades was Rasoul , opened to the glass blowers’ bazaar and to Tarbiyat Street. Along with its trade significance , the Tabriz bazaar is one of the masterpieces of the Iranian architecture , decorated with magnificent stuccos and high arched roofs.

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