Takhte Soleyman

Takhte Soleyman
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Takhte Soleyman
The present monument is believed to have originally been the site of the famous Azargashasb Shiz fire-altar and the birth place of Zaroaster, and its construction has been attributed to the Parthian and Sassanian sovereigns. In the central part of the hill there is a large pool built of stone for water storage purposes. During the 1970s a joint Irano-German excavation mission was involved in scientific investigations at the site and discovered a number of remains belonging to the Sassanian and Moghul periods.

The most important part of the Takht-e Suleiman ruins is that which comprises the entrance gate, the entrance door to the Azargashasb fire-altar, the fortification towers, the walls of the complex, the Sassanian ivan ( repaired during the reign of Moghuls), the central pool of the fire-temple, and a number of Islamic structures. From the view point of construction and architecture, the monument is highly remarkable. Adjoining the site are the ruins of Takht-e Bulqais and Suleimans dungeon (Dakhmeh-ye Zendan-e Suleiman).

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