Takieh Haft Tanan (Resting Place of the Seven)

Takieh Haft Tanan, shiraz
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Takieh Haft Tanan (Resting Place of the Seven):
At the foot of the mountain, to the north of the mausoleum of Hafez, stands a pavilion dating from the period of Karim Khan Zand. Under the ancient cypress and pine trees in the pleasant garden surrounding the pavilion, lie buried seven learned men thus explaining the origin of the name Resting Place of the Seven.
The pavilion, in the form of a large hall, has two monolithic columns and two rooms on either side. The walls of the hall are decorated with fine pictures of flowers, shrubs and birds; and below the ceiling are paintings of Rostam, Ashkabus and a lion in the process of devouring a deer.

The tomb of Shah Shoja, the 13th century patron of Hafez is to be seen to the west of the building.

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