Taq-e-Bostan Engraving, Kermanshah

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Taq-e-Bostan Engraving, Kermanshah
The ‘Taq-e-Bostan’ (Bostan Arch) or ‘Taq-e-Vostan’ (Vostan Arch) is situated to the right of the city entrance of Kermanshah, and is to the north east of this city. This aggregate which comprises of engravings and epigraphs is related to the Sassanid era.
The same is located in the mountain, and together with the natural surroundings, a gorgeous landscape comes into view. On entering this area, the first epigraph is related to Ardeshir II. Ardeshir stands between Ahoura Mazda and Mitra. His face turned towards Ahoura Mazda, and his left hand receiving a wreath of friendship from Ahoura Mazda. Under their feet lies the enemy or ‘Ahriman’.
After this epigraph there is a smaller arch, which depicts the figures of Shapour II and his son Shapour III. On top of each of these impressions the personalities of the epigraph have been introduced in Pahlavi Sassanid script. In the third section of this aggregate there are beautiful epigraphs throughout, revealing winged angels, the tree of life, boar hunting in the groves, duck hunting etc. together with a group of musicians bringing about a festive atmosphere.
Below the epigraph is an armed rider on a horse. Some believe this to be ‘Pirouz Sassanid’, whilst others take this personality to be ‘Khosrow Parviz’.

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