The Contemporary Arts Museum

The Contemporary Arts Museum , tehran
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The Contemporary Arts Museum

At the northwestern corner of Park-e Laleh (Tulip Park) in central Tehran, one can find the Contemporary Arts Museum wherein art works and photographs by the contemporary expert masters are displayed. Adjacent to the Museum you can also see the Carpet Museum (below) and a number of booths outside, presenting the best works done by self-employed artists and artisans.

Founded nearly two decades ago, the Museum looks like the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Paris, in terms of architectural design. Iranian and foreign works of visual arts are exhibited here. Various art works in graphics, caricature, miniature, gilding, and calligraphy are displayed in its galleries in different exhibitions every year.

The Museum has a permanent section devoted to original works of art, graphics, etc, by some of the world masters. A library, a movie house, a restaurant, and a theater are other features of the Museum.

Visiting hours: everyday 9:00-19:00 except Fridays: 9:00-14:00 Address: Kargar-e Shomali Ave, west of Laleh Park. Tel:

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