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Also known as the Mongol Tower because of being the only building in the city which was not destroyed by the Mongol invaders and facing the Ibn-e Babeveyh Mausoleum, is a huge 20-meter high brick structure slightly embellished with deeply grooved brickwork. The triple vaulted cornice which crowns the deep pleats of its cylindrical surface is deceptively simple and brilliantly effective; the monumental doorway at the south side has an impressive simplicity. It is said to be the tomb of Toghrol I, the Seljuk king. All the historical and artistic features and evidences such as the Seljuk-style Kuffic inscription and design carved on the brick indicative of its Seljuk origin, have been destroyed in the course of reparations carried out in 1882 AD, thus this 12th century structure looks like a modern building, to the passer-by it might appear to be large Victorian water-tower. This effect is enhanced by its having lost whatever dome or cone probably the latter it once possessed; its flat top looks severely functional. A marble tablet has been installed upon the portal of the tower, indicating the nature and date of repairs carried out in it.

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