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Torbat Jaam
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Torbat Sheikh Jaam Aggregate

The pilgrimage site of Ahmad Bin Abol Hassan Sheikh Ahmad Jaam (441-536 AH.), is located in Mashad – Harat Road and consists of ten historical buildings which are placed around a vast courtyard. Sheikh Ahmad pilgrimage is one of the greatests pilgrimage centers in eastern Iran. The following belong to this aggregate:
Sheikh Jaam Nameqi Tomb: This tomb is made of brick and gypsum and pilgrims of Torbat Sheikh have special belief and faith in this imminent personality. The inscriptions carved on two white stones placed on either end of the tomb display Kufi and Nasta’liq scripts. Besides which fine oriental arts can be seen on the fringes of these tablets.
Gonbad Khaneh: The Gonbad and Gonbad Khaneh are situated in the heart of this aggregate and each of its four sides are covered by the surrounding buildings.
Atiq Mosque: This mosque is located to the southwest of Gonabad Khaneh and has a domed Shabestan like a mosque which encloses five porches. Unique architectural and artistic techniques can be observed here. Plaster works, brick encarvings on plaster with a type and quiality of tiles, belonging to the architectural method of the 8th century.
Eivan (Portico): This ‘Eivan’ or portico is beautifully decorated with tiles and plaster work. It stands opposite the dome and reaches a height of approximately 30 m., the ceiling of which has semi-dome with an octamerous arch.
Kermani Mosque: This mosque consists of halls on each side of the structure, and three rooms on the western and eastern side. Arches can be noted around these rooms, as well as arched plaster molding on the upper framework of the door of these rooms. There is a beautiful altar of plaster molding in the western hall which is intricately decorated wih floral and geometrical designs. These works of art are of great value. The facade of this mosque displays the beauty of fine art in keeping with its internal walls.
Gonbad Sefeed (White Dome): This is a small structure running parallel to the Kermani Mosque. This structure has two halls which displays beautiful arches. A few inscriptions exist in the Kufi script which are brown in color. A few graves are in this structure. Two of these graves belong to the daughters of Sheikh Jaam.
Amir Jalaledin Firooz Shah School (Gonbad Sabz): The Gonbad Sabz (Green Dome) of the Firooz Shah School is located in the northern courtyard of the tomb of Sheikh Jaam. This structure consists of a domed vestibule and a small room finished in tile work. The Gonabad Khaneh of the green dome is square shaped with a beautiful styled roof.
Masjed-e-No (New Mosque): This mosque is located to he east of the tomb of Sheikh Jaam and consists of interesting artistic and architectural techniques of that time.
Amir Shah Malek School: The school is the remnants of the first half of the 9th century AH and was formerly in the southern section of the aggregate. At present it is substituted by a new strucure which is considered to be a part of the mausoleum. The aggregate of the Torbat-e-Jaam with a registeration number of 174 has been registered in list of historical records of Iran.

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