Towiserkan, Hamadan.

Towiserkan, Hamadan.
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Situated in the south eastern slopes of the Alvand Mountains, and to the south of Hamedan on elevated land, it experiences cold winters, and moderate summers. The city of Towiserkan lies at a distance of 395 km. from Tehran and 93 km. from Hamedan. The old city of ‘Rood Avar’ formerly comprised of three villages called ‘Tu’ie’, ‘Serkan’, and ‘Shekan’. After the invasion of the Mongols this city lost its importance, and the inhabitants flocked to ‘Tu’ie’.
The current Towiserkan is the former Tu’ie. Serkan is 10 km. north west of Towiserkan. Even toDay it is one of the cities of the Towiserkan Township. The Habaqooq-e-Nabi Mausoleum is near this city. This prophet lived here in 700 B.C. Archeological excavations made around this mausoleum reveal the importance of this area during that time.

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